Benefit from digitisation with a strategy.

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” – Pablo Picasso

Considering digitisation is the topic of this post, the above may seem redundant. We’ve all been witnessed the Insurance industry rapidly evolving with the use of technology such as our award-winning SaaS white-labelled software and industry-wide applications of Artificial Intelligence and RPA.

However, to truly capitalise on the improved customer experience that such advancements can offer, Brokers should first ask themselves the following and avoid potential service disruptions for the end-user.

1. What upgrades will you make to your analytics capabilities to improve customer experience and target under-penetrated market segments?

2. Will your company consider broader partnerships and/or working with third parties to access more data sources?

3. What strategies will your company implement to convince customers it is worth their while to share more of their data to fuel analytics programs?

4. How do you find new talent or train existing agents and advisers to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of more discerning end-users?

5. How might you foster greater collaboration between older and younger workers to meet both business objectives and employee needs? #premiumfinance #insurtech #fintech

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