UK Insurance Industry is booming.

Talk of Brexit negatively affecting the Insurance Industry’s profitability may be diminished as the market size for November 2019 has increased by 3.2% when compared to the same time last year. In research released by Plimsoll TALAT- a trusted independent intelligence agency, the sum of total sales of the UK’s 1485 largest Insurance Brokers stands at £9.26 Billion for November 2019 which indicates a market ripe for investing and/or operating in.

Further, average company sales growth has steadily increased to 5.6% compared to this time last year, a figure that compounds the evidence of a hopeful outlook for the future. PremFina are delighted that the success of our premium financing options and SaaS white-label software product for Brokers which has processed over £300 million worth of insurance premiums since Q4 2016 to clients including One Call and Assura Protect, is mirrored in Broker’s own operations.

With some of our clients included in the 1485 Top UK Brokers surveyed in the research, deciding to outsource some of their tasks to a dedicated provider like PremFina, evidently pays off!


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