FinTech is the future.

Research released by Fintech Global reveals that nearly $4bn worth of investment was raised by InsurTech companies globally in the first nine months of 2019, a total of 7% higher than the entire global investment for 2018.

Closer to home, funding for FinTech in the UK so far in 2019 has reached nearly £2.7bn and is on track to beat the previous record of £3.6bn in 2018.

London, which is home to our central Mayfair office has captured 85.2% of deal activity in the UK since 2014. Confidence in the integrity of FinTech solutions such as PremFina, now and in the future are highlighted with five of the largest FinTech deals in the UK taking place in H1 2019.

Here at PremFina, more than half of our £293 million worth of premiums processed since Q4 2016 have been processed this year alone. FinTech and InsurTech are certainly here to stay and we are excited to lead the journey. Here’s to continued growth!

To view the research in more detail, click the following links:

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