An issue we care about.

Being a purpose-driven brand not only positively impacts our brokers and end-users but also the wider community in which we operate. Since inception, we have advocated for causes that make an impression on our society for the better, akin to our financially inclusive business model.

We are therefore proud to announce our support of a not-for-profit organisation Pomosht ZaTeb (Za Teb) who have launched a mobile app designed to help women and children combat domestic violence.

Based in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, a location that is home to Premfina’s second office, Za Teb have released the app as the first of its kind in Eastern Europe. Initially exclusive to Bulgaria with plans for further rollout, the tool aids users in identifying whether or not they are in an abusive relationship and connects all domestic abuse help organisations within the country. The app also allows victims to log abuse and thus facilitates the gathering of evidence for future reference.

“Something had to be done,” asserted Za Teb chief executive Ivelina Choeva. “The statistics about severe domestic abuse in Bulgaria were simply shocking. Support groups exist for victims, but they are disparate and disconnected.

“Our app is both a voice for victims and a platform to connect them with social workers, NGOs (non-government organisations), and the police. While there are many organisations to reach out to, the voice of victims has been muted.”

As our Chieft Technology Officer, Nij Saha puts it succinctly; “We’re an antidote to the status quo, we promote financial inclusion by making insurance more affordable. Za Teb’s mission of empowering women aligns with our ethos of emancipation, so we became ready supporters.”

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