PremFina Selects Microsoft Azure for Cloud Platform

PremFina Ltd (“PremFina” or the “Company”), the first premium finance company to offer a proprietary software as a white-label service in the U.K., is pleased to announce it has selected Microsoft Azure (“Azure”) as its preferred cloud provider.

Azure is a cloud computing platform by Microsoft Corp. to help organisations with their business challenges. It allows for the freedom to deliver services such as servers, storage, databases and software both as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). These services help businesses build, deploy and manage infrastructure and applications over the Internet. 

“It’s great to have a leading premium finance company in the U.K. looking to help innovate and drive customers to the cloud,” said Senior Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, EMEA, Warwick Hill. “It’s a pleasure to be part of the PremFina journey.”

PremFina is using Azure’s global virtual services alongside its existing private cloud services. This ‘hybrid’ methodology offers the power of a classic dedicated ‘private’ network for enhanced data security and privacy along with the flexibility of true cloud computing via Azure’s ‘virtual’ networks and services. This allows the Company to be in control of its infrastructure and services in real time along with having global reach and scalability. 

“With disaster recovery and flexibility built into Azure’s cloud services, we can now focus more on our products, applications and services we offer our broker network, rather than worry about infrastructure and hardware upgrades,” said PremFina’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Nij Saha.

Read the full announcement on Cision PR Newswire

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