PremFina is Going Green with Eco-friendly Initiatives

PremFina Ltd (“PremFina” or the “Company”), the U.K.’s first venture capital backed premium finance company, has announced its company-wide “Go Green” Eco Charter, designed to outline its commitment to doing its part in protecting the environment.

Being environmentally conscious is important to PremFina, with corporate responsibility (CSR) being at the forefront of the Company’s 2019 initiatives. Taking responsibility for the social and environmental impact of its business operations, efforts will be made by PremFina to improve society and contribute towards sustainable development.

“We’re proud to announce that at PremFina we’ve created a set of environmental objectives, so that we can work towards a better and cleaner future,” said Mark Foley, managing director (MD) at PremFina. “We care about being part of a positive change that benefits the world we live in.”

In order to promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint, the Company is implementing the following green practices:

  • Recycle – Three separate bins are available in the office for recyclable materials:
    • Cardboard, newspaper, and magazines
    • Non-confidential paper
    • Mixed plastic, cans and glass
  • Goodbye Plastic Cups! – We are using paper cups and encourage the use of personal reusable water bottles or a glass from the kitchen. 
  • Reduce and Reuse – Reduce the amount you print and waste on a daily basis. If you print off pages and don’t need them, reuse it as scrap paper.
  • Switch Off – Gone for the day? Last one out of the office? Don’t forget to turn off the lights and your laptop to conserve energy.

In addition to its “Go Green” Eco Charter, the Company takes part in other social responsibility activities. PremFina started its own social media campaign called #diversitytomeis, launched as part of its continued dedication to promote inclusion and diversity in the insurance industry.

It is also a proud sponsor of iCAN (Insurance Cultural Awareness Network) and GIN (Gender Inclusion Network). Additionally, with nearly 45 members of staff at PremFina, 36% are women, 30% are under the age of 30, and 51% are from various countries around the world.

Read about PremFina’s “Go Green” Eco Charter on Cision PR Newswire

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