PremFina Attends GIN’s Inspiring Action, International Women’s Day 2019 Event

Earlier this week, PremFina attended a motivating and inspirational event hosted by the Gender Inclusion Network (“GIN”). It was held up above the clouds at 20 Fenchurch Street in London, offering an inspirational view to coincide with the rousing words that were shared.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout history and today. It was first marked in 1911 and has continued to be supported by millions of people, both men and women alike, calling into action an acceleration in gender parity.

GIN’s mission to help the insurance industry leverage diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) as a means to produce positive business results, coincides with PremFina’s commitment to empowering the D&I movement; nearly half of PremFina’s staff are women. The theme of the event “Balance for Better” emphasized the impact of gender balance and diversity, encouraging opportunity for innovation, growth and success in the industry.

At the start, we all introduced ourselves and engaged in conversations amongst our table; the atmosphere in the room quickly shifted from reserved to energetic. The event began with three student speakers who shared what gender inclusion means to them and how it empowers their future career choices. For the rest of the event, an interactive workshop encouraged attendees to share their personal experiences and advice regarding opportunities and challenges within their own workplaces.

We all listened and exchanged our views on the importance of having a mentor, the strategies needed to implement change, challenging the status quo and much more. The successes and struggles people shared in the room, created inspiration and hope to those starting out or looking to move up in their careers. They voiced this message: that though the path may not always be easy, their goals are attainable.

Everyone in the workshop contributed their thoughts, stories and opinions, which we felt were truly inspirational to hear. Thank you GIN for an invigorating afternoon!

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