#diversitytomeis Campaign

As part of PremFina’s continued dedication to promote diversity, we have launched the #diversitytomeis campaign.

Every Thursday over the next few months, the #diversitytomeis campaign will seek the views of the staff at PremFina to get their take on what diversity means to them, how they feel it benefits the Company and the U.K. insurance industry.

Click here to find out more about how PremFina is committed to diversity.

Check back weekly for updates on quotes from #TeamPremFina

1) Mark Foley, Managing Director

20180927 PremFina Mark Diversity Post

2) Rukaya Ogazi Khan, Application Consultant

20180927 PremFina Rukaya Diversity Post

3) Arnaud Goubely, Compliance Manager

20181004 PremFina Arnaud DiversityToMeIs

4) Angelos Apostolatos, Senior DevOps Engineer

20181018 PremFina Angelos Diversitytomeis

5) Mila Kostileva, Finance Analyst

20181025 PremFina Mila Kostileva diversitytomeis

6) Nij Saha, Chief Technology Officer


7) Sahaya George, Test Lead

20181116 PremFina Diversity Sahaya.png

8) Wagner Nadalin, Business Analyst

9) Jeffrey Abrahams, Account Manager

10) Louis Valentine, Business Analyst

11) Alice Thorpe, Application Support

12) Natalia Zurowski, Marketing Associate

13) Lucas Brand, Application Support Analyst

14) Anete Kreinberga, Credit Risk Manager

15) Mihael Mladenov, Senior Solutions Architect

16) Pawandeep Kaur, Marketing Assistant

17) Carl Mejia, Junior Accountant

18) Mary Laird, Marketing Associate

19) Preeti Sharma, Technical Consultant

20) Stefano Caira, Client Services Administrator

21) Nick Elliman, Director of Client Engagement

22) Glenn Marshall, Business Development Manager

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