PremFina & Insureblocks

Natalia Zurowski, Strategic Marketing Associate at PremFina, is on Insureblocks!

Insureblocks is a weekly podcast dedicated to blockchain and its impact on the insurance industry. The channel was created in March 2017 by Walid Al Saqqaf, Blockchain Innovation Lead at Beazley Insurance.

On this exciting episode of Insureblocks, Walid talks to industry legend, innovator, and “Leader of the Rebel Alliance,” Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s, about her work with Lloyd’s, blockchain and diversity. For the podcast, members of the UKGI industry submitted questions, five of which were featured and selected by Inga herself.

Walid al Saqqaf (Founder, Insureblocks) with Inga Beale (CEO, Lloyds)

On the podcast, Natalia asks Inga about the success of the Lloyd’s Placing Platform Limited (PPL) platform and its use within a possible future blockchain world (20:30).

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.50.41
Image copyright Insureblocks

Others featured in the podcast include: Willis Tower Watson, Paragon Insurance Brokers, Marsh and Risk Cooperative.

Listen to the full podcast here

Walid was also a host at Insurance2025 where he discussed, “The Disruptive Potential of Insurance on the Blockchain,”¬†with PremFina CEO, Bundeep Singh Rangar, amongst others.

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