PremFina: A Proud Panintelligence Partner

In a recent article for the Yorkshire Post, Panintelligence CEO Zandra Moore, discusses how Yorkshire is a hub for female technology leaders and the Company’s rising success.

In the article, Ms Moore highlights how “there is a huge amount of female talent in Leeds in the technology sector. We have 226 women in the Lean In group in Leeds and I want to raise the profile of Leeds as a tech hub for women.”

In the last three years, Panintelligence has grown significantly and experienced tremendous success: “We have quadrupled turnover, tripled staff numbers, and grown our partner base from 15 to more than 80 partners . . .  [including] Equiniti, PremFina, ACI, Tribal, RM, Capita, Wellbeing, and Sage.”


PremFina is proud to be a part of Panintelligence’s distinguished list of partners and to be a part of a such an innovation-focused and forward-thinking company.

Click here for the full article on Yorkshire Post

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