Is Gamification the Next Big Thing?

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a process of using ‘gaming’ elements to motivate and engage people in non-gaming contexts.

How It Works & Why Is It The Next Big Thing?

Gamification, much like playing an actual game, has a positive effect on the human brain. Game mechanics can drive human behaviour due to what is commonly referred to as the dopamine effect. In dopamine levels rising, an individual feels excited, happy, present and this will positively affect their willingness and eagerness to learn. Organizations have begun catching on to gamification and its potential and have begun to develop ways to implement it to better engage their employees and consumers.

Gamification, defined as “the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems,” is becoming core to engagement strategy for brands across industries from healthcare to automobiles to electronics. It is much more than a point system or cute game features. As Esteban Contreras of Samsung USA explains, “Gamification is ultimately not about buzzwords and mechanics, but better and more meaningful experiences.”

Gamification can also inspire learners to take their personal development seriously and really invest in themselves without it having to feel that an organization is forcing a set of rules on them. Gamification makes employees see the intrinsic value in learning for their own sake not just their company’s, respectively.

How Will it Become Adopted?

The adoption of gamification will not be difficult or invasive. In the same way social media or digital is, just another part of various strategies. In the case of gamification, it will become part of a standard set of tools for experience design.

Here are five ways business can use gamification to drive engagement and increase revenue.

  1. Attract new customers with contests, giveaways and rewards
  2. Use games to educate customers
  3. Promote a new product or service with a fun, informative game
  4. Reward (and retain) customers by having them earn points for shopping with you
  5. Make sure games are easy to play and winnable


To find out more about gamification, watch our CEO talk about it during SC x SC 2017 conference in Malaysia:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 13.36.10

Let us know if you came across any successful applications of gamification. Do you think it could be applied to insurance? 

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